Information and Business intelligence
o Strategy Development
• Developing innovative, business led, Information and Business Intelligence strategies to support organisations to become intelligence led
o Assessment of Current State and Planning and Delivering Improvement in :
• Information and Business Intelligence culture
• Making best use of business intelligence in planning, decision making and assurance
• Systems and processes for the capture, interrogation and reporting of data and information
• Managing information governance in increasing complex and integrated environments
o Supporting organisations to specify, procure and implement technology to support their information and business intelligence processes

Quality, Efficiency and Transformation
o Supporting organisations to assess their current position and identify opportunities for quality and efficiency improvements
o Working with organisations to identify, plan and deliver the people, process and technology issues that must be addressed to bring about improvement, change or transformation
o Examples of projects within this areas would be:
• Agile working assessments and delivery of recommendations
• Clinical and financial viability reviews and CIP opportunity assessments and supporting the delivery of recommendations
• Development and implementation of new operating models
• Facilitating the development of behavioural and cultural changes required for new ways of working. i.e. integrated systems working, locality working

Digital and Information Technology Consulting
• Strategy Development
o Supporting organisations to develop business led digital and ICT Strategies
• Supporting the Implementation of New Technologies and Systems
o Developing requirements and business cases
o Engaging clinical and non clinical workforce
o Engaging service users and other stakeholder
o Creating the roadmap for organisational change required to deliver the benefits of new systems and supporting the development of new operating models and processes
o Supporting the procurement process for new systems
o Planning the implementation and benefits realisation methodologies required to maximise success
o Providing assurance and high level support to implementation processes
• Supporting organisations in identifying and delivering the technology requirements of new service models and integrated care
• Supporting supplier organisations to develop methodologies to support their engagement with and delivery to healthcare clients